Read and Keep on Gaining Knowledge with Jekkle by Your Side

It was a disaster when I started searching for my bag having my textbooks which I put in the cargo when we were shifting from Victoria to Melbourne. My father got a transfer and that is the reason we all were moving to another city where I was due to take admission in the university. I was to preparing for the aptitude test for the test which was due on this weekend, just 6 days away. My books were missing as they were not in the cargo received by us in the new house and my test was way too near. At this point I came across Jekkle promo codes. Get more Jekkle Coupons for 2017 only at SuperSaverMama.

I was way too panicky though my preparation was there but I needed to revise my stuff which I was not able to do so as books were not there. I was way too upset and this is when my friend told me to avail the services of Jekkle which gives the facility of renting the books for a certain period of time along with buying the required books on quite cheaper rates.

Her idea was something which did not click in the beginning but later on I realized that I don’t have any option and there is no harm in giving it a try. I discussed this matter with my dad and after getting his approval I went for placing an order for renting the books which were my top priority.


The options of books available at the store were huge in number as the store held books coming from different writers and as per demand as well. I was so happy to find my choice of books and even found few new books which could have helped me getting good marks in my admission test.

I was so thankful to my friend as she made me take the right decision and at right time with less spending. The delivery of the books reached me within 2 days which gave me quite a lot of time to prepare for the paper.

This was not the end to my interaction with Jekkle and its discounts but our friendship got better and better with the passage of time. I would suggest people who can’t afford the expensive books and still have heart to learn then Jekkle will make all your dreams come true.

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