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“Hey, what’s up?!” – Get the best deals for 4G at Yomojo

“Hello? Hey Dani!, Nothing much. Just got back home. Yes, I saw the video and what a joy it must be seeing those whales north of Townsville. Your flight is departing in an hour? Not to worry babe! Coming to pick ya’ up as soon as it lands! Love ya’!”

A heartfelt conversation with my beloved better half Danielle (I adoringly call her Dani) as she is reaching Melbourne in an hour. I am Mario and today I will tell you about my experience with Yomojo. Yomojo Voucher Code for its 4G connections and broadband connections are some of the best things an Australian can have.

I have been using Virgin Mobile for a long time and I remember as a child how Telstra used to be the only mobile connection in town. My family had been using it for a long time until they quit it in favour of other mobile networks. We’ve used Optus, Virgin Mobile, Spin Net and Coles Mobile but the service levels and pricing were often questioned. Virgin Mobile is an expensive option just like Telstra and the service levels at budget pricing were abysmal.
My neighbour and good friend recommended me Yomojo. I signed up for their 7GB 4G package at AUD$ 40 per 30 days and even signed up for their broadband package later before getting the Wi-Fi.

Yomojo has been an amazing experience and with the coverage as far as the Cook islands (where I once was present upon an office assignment) as well as smooth signals for viber, whatsapp video calls and Skype. The browsing speeds are alluring and I’ve never been able to experience any network breakdown unlike what I had experienced in using Virgin Mobile. Yup, using it is a whole new experience without any hassles.

Yomojo’s registration and connection cancellation are literally easy because their process for such purpose is quite smooth. The service quality team is the best and I have never faced anything involving hidden costs.
Yomojo Voucher Code
Well, it’s almost time to get up and head for the airport. Dani is coming and the house will be bright once again. I better put the Xbox back in the cabinet before she makes a racket. Hahahaha, just joking. Got you there mate.

No worries mate, do come around when you’re free and I’ll share with you more interesting experiences.
Til then, see ya! Bye!

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